Yin Yoga Teacher training

                      - hosted by Living Now Yoga

the Beginners series

         - hosted by The Yoga Common


 yoga with masako 

Join us this spring for 2 Sundays as we get Back to the Basics: a beginners series that will give you the introductory knowledge that you need to get your practice started, or deepen your existing practice.

This series is designed for new and existing students looking to build a strong foundation for their practice and deepen their knowledge about yoga.

Upon completion, you will feel confident and comfortable joining our open level Mang’Oh yoga classes, with a richer understanding of the fundamentals behind the yoga practice. All are welcome!

Dates: 2 Sundays, October 9th & 16th, 2022

Times: 1-3pm ET

In-person & Livestream 

Investment:  $75

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Have you ever thought of yoga in terms of yin and yang? Whether it’s yoga, or anything and everything else in life, our body, mind and soul are constantly in play of balance. In this teacher training, you will learn how to introduce and incorporate more quieting, grounding, meditative “yin” aspects of yoga to your own practice as well as in your teachings. Most of us expose ourselves to so many “yang” activities, such as work, play and even yoga that we are in a constant state of a stimulated sympathetic nervous system, ie. “fight or flight” response. As the name “hatha yoga” implies (ha = sun & tha =moon ), we a need the balance and unification of sun (ha or yang) and moon (tha or yin) energies.

This 20-hour livestream, certification training is an opportunity for YOU to slow down and hear the whispers of your heart calling you home. Only when we do that for ourselves can we actually hold space for our students to do that for themselves.

Dates: Mon-Thur, April 18-21, 2022

Times: 1-5pm ET

Live Stream via Zoom

Investment:  $495 (payment plans available) 

For more details and signup, CLICK HERE