private & mentorship

Whether you are brand-new beginner or experienced yoga practitioner, I create sessions based on what YOU want to get out off.  Maybe you want to learn how to ease anxiety or sleep better (two go hand-in-hand!). Maybe you are too busy to adjust your schedule to a group class.  Maybe you are a new yoga teacher not sure how to go about getting teaching job.  Private Lesson & Mentoring are all about YOU and I am at your service. We will be using Zoom for our session(s). For more information, please use the contact sheet below.  Pricing is based on sliding scale, $60-$150/session.


ONLINE Class via zoom

​* All Class Times are US Eastern Time (GMT-4)



 yoga with masako 

* $20 for a single class or $90 for5 classes for all classes except the ones marked *** as they are offered by individual studios with different pricing.  I offer sliding scale for those in need - please email me for details.  

​* Pay via Zelle ( or Venmo (@masako-yoga).  

* 日本在住の方はペイパル(←こちらをクリックして頂くと、お支払いページに飛びます)にて1クラス¥2,500、5クラス¥10,000となります。

* Please make sure to write which class you would like to attend with your payment.  Upon receipt of your payment confirmation, the link to Zoom will be sent via message or email.  


5-6pm:  Yin Meditation *** offered through The Yoga Room


10-11am: Yoga for Seniors (of all ages!) 


7:30-8:30pm:  Slow Flow


Thursdays:  ​​

7-8pm: Yin Yoga



6:30-7:30am (7:30-8:30pm on Japan Time):  日本語de陰ヨガ~Yin Yoga in Japanese 

10-11am: Yoga for Seniors (of all ages!)

6-7pm: ​Yin + Meditation  *** offered through mang'Oh

Saturdays:  ​
3-4:30pm: Gentle Yoga + Meditation to Quell Your Anxiety



6-7pm: Stretch+ Relax